Suzanne Thompson - "Prayer Isn't For Sissies"

Ladies, have you ever asked yourself if your prayers REALLY matter?
Do you find yourself becoming impatient when YOU don't see results as quickly as YOU like?
When was the last time you took YOUR own self-inventory before you stand before our Savior, with your list of requests?
What happens when we let go of OUR control and let GOD'S will be done?
Together we will discover the power of prayer that each of us possesses, given to us by the Holy Spirit, when we follow scripture and PRAY and intercede for others and ourselves.  



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​​Roseann Rossi & Linda Parsons - "When Life Disappoints"

I'm so happy and here's the reason why--Jesus took my burdens all away."

Wait a minute! I believed in Jesus years ago, and my life is full of burdens! What's wrong with me? Am I really saved? What do you do, ladies, with all the hardships and afflictions in your life? What do you do "When Life Disappoints"?

Join us as we look into the Scriptures to find out how to deal with the suffering, distress and disappointed expectations in the Christian life.


Retreat to the Rock