We believe in the supernatural and verbal-plenary inspiration of the Scripture in the original manuscripts – that they are inerrant and that their teachings and authority are absolute, supreme, and final.

We believe that there is one God who exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the only hope for man is to believe in Jesus Christ, the virgin-born Son of God, Who suffered for the sins of mankind on the cross, and Who rose from the dead, and Who now offers salvation from and forgiveness for sin to all Who will trust Him as personal savior.

We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells all those who have trusted Jesus Christ as personal Savior, and enables them to live a victorious godly life.

We believe the mission of Christians is to evangelize the world, bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person through preaching, teaching, and personal testimony.

We believe in the physical resurrection of the body of both the saved to a blessed eternity in Heaven, and the lost to eternal punishment in Hell; and in the imminent, physical return of Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures.

About Retreat to the Rock

"For Such A Time As This"

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Our Statement of Faith

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

Retreat to the "Rock" was founded in 1989 by Roseann Rossi and Pat Picco, two Christian women in the Illinois Valley who had a desire to use our beautiful Starved Rock State Park for the glory of God. They invited several women from various Christian churches to pray for guidance, and come to meetings in their homes if they felt led to be involved in forming an interdenominational Christian women's retreat. Thus, Retreat to the "Rock" was birthed.

Twelve ladies from various churches and backgrounds prayed, visited other retreats, and called upon Winsome Women retreat from Winona Lake Indiana to help them get started. Ethel Anderson, an officer from that retreat, was the first speaker for Retreat to the "Rock". Judy Dagraedt, a local woman with a beautiful music ministry led the music. The twelve founding members of the Retreat to the "Rock" board met and prayed fervently for the retreat, placing ten dollars a meeting in an offering to get the group started. From this humble beginning, God has used this retreat for years to proclaim His Word, bring salvation to the lost, and encourage and comfort His people.

The retreat offers Bible based teaching, praise and worship, a prayer room, warm fellowship, and an abundance of delicious food. For many years, we enjoyed the wonderful ambiance and luxury of Starved Rock Lodge. Coming out of the pandemic and the impact it has had in so many areas, we felt the need to redesign the Retreat. The result is a one-day event that we hope is just as enriching as years past. We feel fortunate to have the First Baptist Church in Oglesby as our venue. Even though our "Rock" location has changed, our "Rock" in Jesus is never-changing. 

Many women return year after year, using the retreat for a reunion of friendships, girls' outing, or just good old fashioned R&R.

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